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Facing Foreclosure, Divorce or Separation, an Unwanted Inherited House, or Just Tired of Being Landlord and Need To Sell Your House NOW? We Can Help!

Get Cash NOW for Your Colorado Springs House!

When you need to sell your Colorado Springs house fast for cash, the Mike Buys Colorado Houses process quick, easy, and stress-free

Mike Buys Colorado Houses understands housing problems, and we're here to help! We are the trusted solution in Colorado Springs to walk away from a stressful house situation caused by foreclosure houses, probate or unwanted inherited houses, houses that stand in the way of moving, and houses owned by landlords that just don't want the hassle anymore! Does this describe your situation? If so, we need to talk!

The "traditional" way to sell a house is to fix it up, list it with a real estate agent that will charge a high commission, and wait for a buyer that you HOPE will be qualified to buy and actually make it to the closing table. If that's you, then we applaud you and wish you all the best! We just can't help you!

However, selling a house to Mike Buys Colorado Houses is for those that need a fast sale because of stressful situations that cause anxiety, sleeplessness, and general discomfort. In addition to the benefit of PEACE OF MIND, we also offer to buy your house "as is," and close in as few as 2 to 3 weeks!

When you sell your house “as is” for cash to us, you won’t need to bother with repairs, cleaning, or even showings. There are no commissions, we pay typical closing costs and can close quickly. It’s that easy.

Unlike other cash buyers, we won’t charge you a commission or hit you with surprise fees. We’ll be there to walk you through each step of the sale.

We can close on YOUR timeline, when it's best for you - even as quickly as 14 days!

But, Mike... How Does This Work?

I've tried to make the process as simple as possible for you... I call it our Call, Cash, Close Process

Normally, our house appointments take no more than an hour, but we’ll take as long as you need us, to answer all of your questions. We'll inspect the exterior of the house, then ask you to lead us on a walkthrough. We'll take a look at your bedrooms, bathrooms, water heater, HVAC system and maybe one or two other things. These steps help us make sure we make the best offer.

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency

Hey, we've been doing this a long time, and we know there are dozens of "cash home buyers" in Colorado Springs. You may even have received a postcard, or "yellow letter," for even gotten a mysterious "voicemail" from some of them. Yeah, we know. Most of these are either online buyers that live in a city far away from Colorado Springs, or newbie "investors" that attended a get-rich-quick seminar and decided to try it out - on YOU.

There are some key differences that set us apart from the others in town (and out of town), not the least of which is that we have over 25 years of LOCAL experience, helping homeowners just like you. We live here. Our kids went to school here. We go to church here, and we are very active in the Colorado Springs community. Heck, we probably shop at King Soopers, Whole Foods, or at the Chapel Hills mall at the same time as you! (or maybe Josh & Johns???)

Listen, we know that not all of the other "cash buyers" are malicious, but neither are they all dependable. I've heard too many times, from too many homeowners, about fly-by-nighters that made an offer, only to pull it back later, add on a bunch of hidden fees, or even try to get a bigger discount at the closing table. We won't do that, not because we're neighbors, but we like to sleep at night. Honest, integrity, and transparency are what drive us, and you deserve better!

We Are Different!

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Mike Buys Colorado Houses Does It Right

Transparency is one of our guiding principles. No, we don't buy every house we look at, and even some that we could buy we may decide not to, if it wouldn't be the right decision for the homeowner. We've been doing this a very long time, and if we can help you find a different path to lessen your burden, we will! We'll put all the cards on the table, and if it's right for you AND right for us, you'll get a cash offer, and we'll work out a timeline that makes the most sense for YOU.

One of of our greatest joys is seeing the stress literally disappear from the faces of homeowners that need to sell a house. Coming to an agreement and shaking hands, and then seeing hope return to to someone is just the most rewarding feeling! We'd love to help you, if we can, and if we can't, we'll part as friends!

Why Sell To Mike Buys Colorado Houses?

Sell On Your Timeline

We used to say "we can close in 7 days." Well the truth is, we learned that most people don't WANT to be out in 7 days! Our goal is to help you walk away from a stressful situation, but if you need a month or two before you can move out, we can certainly make a plan that makes sense for us both.

No Fees

No Commissions

Not everyone should sell to a cash home buyer. If you have the time to wait for a traditional sale with a real estate agent, and have the patience to wait for the right buyer (and wait more, if the first one falls through) then we aren't a good fit for you! But if you need a fast sale NOW, we can help you without high fees or commissions

Experience A

Stress-Free Sale

We keep it simple. Give us some info about the house, spend a few minutes on the phone, and we'll come to you for a quick walk-through. If it's a fit, you'll get a fast cash offer and we'll do all of the heavy lifting!

  1. Click "Get My Cash Offer Now" (below)

  2. Give us a little info about your house

  3. Set a time for us to see the house (with you)

  4. Get your Cash Offer!

Sell As-Is

Whether your house needs a simple coat of paint, or a total renovation, we'd love to see it! We can't buy EVERY house, but if it's the right fit for both of us, then we'll buy AS-IS, and we'll pay for the remodel ourselves!

We Help Stressed Colorado Springs House Owners Get A Fresh Start

  • Facing Foreclosure

  • Job Transfer / Relocation

  • Retirement

  • Divorce / Separation

  • Repair Costs Too High

  • Unwanted Inherited House

  • Job Loss

  • Liquidating Assets

  • Structural Issues

  • Tired Landlord